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Corporate Clients

Many institutions, businesses trust the Vulcan anti-scale systems as the eco-friendly economical solution to scale and rust problems.    
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Independent Scientific Studies

This is a selection of independent studies by laboratories, universities, government institutions and users:    
Physical Water Treatment -
How it Works by  Dr. Ing. H. Jühnke
The devices cause that calcium hydrogen carbonate Ca(HCO3)2 turns out as calcium carbonate (CaCO3) which is electrically and chemically neutral in water. The CaCO3-crystals are special because they do not crystallize as sticky-structured crystals but form a smooth structure. Link
Physiological Institute:
University of Munich Germany
The system Vulcan 5000 was installed at the end of March 1996 in the coolant inflow of the crypton gasion laser Innova 90-K. During the test period the laser was in operation approx. 200 hours. On December 12th 1996 Coherent GmbH checked the laser tubes for lime deposits on the ceramic surface. No lime deposits were detected. Link
Steinbeis Institute:
Center for Environmental chemistry
The test showed that the tendency to form lime deposits is reduced considerably by the Vulcan 5000 water treatment. In addition, the effect continues for some days after Vulcan has been switched off. The effect is not only limited to a certain part of the pipe, but also passed into the water and to the whole piping system. Link
Cooling Tower Study - Ackuritlabs
During the time of the installation, the green biofilm had begun to recede and gradually disappear. The next visit was about 3 weeks after the installation. At that point,the green biofilm had been further reduced and the scale deposits had begun to separate from the flutes in coin-sized flakes. About a month after installation, the green biofilm had almost completely disappeared from the surfaces in contact with the Vulcan-treated water. Link
  Scale Rust Ackuritlabs
User Study - Vulcan in Cooling Towers in Japan
After installation of the Vulcan unit, the statuses of the cooling towers A, B, and C were inspected without using any water treatment chemicals. Even after elapse of approximately six months, almost no scale buildups were observed inside the refrigerators and the heat exchanger tubes, and no water pollution warning was displayed. Link
User Study: Vulcan in Grease Traps, Japan
The treatment water is effective against rusts and scale on the primary side of the water supply pipe. When service water is used and drained on the secondary side, sliminess or clogging in the drain is reduced, preventing the build-up of metallic soaps in the grease trap. This results in the reduction of the problems of molds or stenches likely to accompany drainage. Link
User Study - Vulcan in Apartment Buildings in
The visual examination of the following areas before and after the treatment with the Vulcan S25 (commercial unit) can easily be verified. These sanitary areas were taken as points of references: kitchen sink, low tank of bathroom/ toilet facility. Link

Cooling Towers

References - Cooling Towers

These references show the positive Vulcan effects on Cooling Towers, Chillers and Heat Exchangers.

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Cooling Tower Study - Ackuritlabs - USA
During the time of the installation, the green biofilm had begun to recede and gradually disappear. The next visit was about 3 weeks after the installation. At that point, the green biofilm had been further reduced and the scale deposits had begun to separate from the flutes in coin-sized flakes. About a month after installation, the green biofilm had almost completely disappeared from the surfaces in contact with the Vulcan-treated water. Link
  Scale Rust Cooling Tower Study Thumb
Florida State University - Engineering - Florida, USA
Please see the attached reference for photos of the Vulcan Descaler installed in the Florida State University College of Engineering. These pictures show 2 x Vulcan S100 units protecting the double chiller and pumps in the FAMU/FSU College of Engineering. Link
  Scale Rust FSU Engineering Thumb
Neptune Foods - California, USA
This cooling tower is one of three protected by the Vulcan S25 units in this location. This picture was taken after 4 months the installation of the Vulcan S25. The tower was dirty/not cleaned before the Vulcan was installed. Since the Vulcan installation, the cooling towers have been scale free and there has been no need for any chemical treatment. Link
  Scale Rust Neptune Foods Thumb
Spokane Schools - Washington, USA
This Vulcan unit is on a small cooling tower and this stays absolutely clean during the season. The tower was full of scale when we started and after 4 weeks, scale started to fall of in big chunks and now it is completely scale free. Link
  Scale Rust Spokane Schools Thumb
Commercial Cold Storage - Washington, USA
For over thirty years Commercial Cold Storage have provided the North Pacific seafood industry with their cold storage warehousing and processing needs. Please find the installation photos of the Vulcan S100 installed on the mainline connected to 3 cooling towers. Link
  Scale Rust CCC Thumb
Water Wise - New York, USA
We have installed 5 x Vulcan S25 & 2 x S10 units all in the upper New York State area. Based on standard water test analysis, including Corrosion Coupon Testing and regular Bacteria Dip Slide results, we have concluded that the Vulcan Non Chemical System has been able to provide similar results, to those achieved using a chemical based treatment program. Link
  Scale Rust Water Wise Thumb
Vulcan installed in a Chiller - Washington, USA
Here are two pictures from a Chiller opened for a routine cleaning, but nothing to clean after two years with Vulcan treatment. This Chiller is connected to a Cooling Tower which is exposed to lots of air borne contamination from surrounding farms. Link
  Scale Rust Chiller Thumb
Vulcan installed in a Heat Exchanger - Slovenia
After removing the front and rear covers of the heat exchangers, it was found that the tubes were clean and there were no signs of lime scale accumulation. Link
  Scale Rust Energetika Thumb

Commercial & Industrial

References - Commercial and Industrial

Many well-known companies around the world are using Vulcan to treat water against scale and rust.    
Restaurants & Food Production
o2 Water Margin Restaurant - UK
Since CWT Partners Ltd installed the Vulcan S25 at our premises we have noticed substantial and continual improvement over the past 3 months. The Vulcan immediately solved a problem with our restroom water fixtures. The restaurant is now able to operate at a higher level, avoiding lime scale and rewashing of dishes, with far fewer complaints from customers.   Link
White Castle Restaurants - USA
We installed a Vulcan 5000 and a Vulcan 1000. After this  successful using of Vulcan (95% less calcium deposits  in the pans, after 3,5 weeks) in our restaurant in Indianapolis, we installed the Vulcan 1000 and Vulcan 5000 device also in the White Castle restaurant in New York and in New Jersey.  Link
Wolfies Waterfront Grill  - Indiana, USA
I want to let you know how satisfied I am with the results using Vulcan 5000 in my restaurant. The Vulcan immediately solved a problem with our restroom water fixtures. The Vulcan eliminated our water softener, along with the required salt and water consumption. The Vulcan drastically reduced our dishwasher soap usage. With this environmentally friendly product, the above savings resulted in a return on investment within 6 months. Link
Spokane School Kitchen - Washington, USA
The steam convection oven has greatly improved since the installation of the Vulcan. The water is injected via the pipe in the centre of the heating coils and a fan inside the coils blows the water through the coils and comes out as steam. The operating temperature of this device is 350F. The white material you see on the coils is a powder coating that is easily removed with a wet cloth. No more chemicals are required to clean the convection oven. Link
   Scale Rust Spokane Kitchen Thumb
Mövenpick Restaurant - Germany
We installed the limescale converter Vulcan 5000 and the ice-cream makers have been functioning smoothly for ten months now. The limescale, which accumulates especially in the crushed ice makers, can now easily be removed as it is converted into fine-grained structures. Link
Sausage Production - Germany
We have been using your Vulcan-Impulse-Technology for over a year with great success. With the application of your Vulcan-technology and without the use of chemicals, only very few deposits in the warming zone and none at all in the cooling zone could be found. Link
Gelatine Production - Germany
The water is relatively hard which inevitably results in thick layers of lime deposits. The physical treatment of the water by Vulcan caused a significant reduction of adherent lime deposits in the tanks and piping surfaces. Link
Agriculture - Garden Shop - Greece
Installing the Vulcan S25 device, I found out that there is no more white sedimentation on the leaves and soil. Most of all I realize that there is a big improvement in the growth of my plants. Link

Hotels & Spas
Grand Paradise Hotel - USA
Two Vulcan S500 were intalled on the main input pipe in order to combat scale build up and increase efficiency of the three cooling towers. A Vulcan S100 is also installed on the resorts main hot water system, in order to remove and prevent scale build up in the heaters/boilers, which provide hot water throughout the entire entire resort and casino. Link
  GP Hotel
Sage Hills Motel - California, USA
Upon purchasing the Vulcan 5000 the first thing we noticed was that it really was easy to install with no hidden surprises. Within a few days we noticed that the guest room water glasses were truly sparkling clean, no blotching, all crystal clear. The chamber maids have reported back that the taps and faucets are easier to clean and I must say they do appear shinier and clean. Link
  Scale Rust Sage Hills Thumb
Hotel Cadolzburg - Germany
I was even a bit sceptical when I saw your simple equipment and watched how your employee installed it in a couple of minutes and without tools on our incoming pipe. After a few days we already noticed an improvement of the lime deposits. In places where before you had to remove the lime stains with cleaning agents, now there is just a powdery, easily removable "layer of chalk". Link
Mercure Hotel - Germany
We are pleased to inform you that the water treatment unit has been working perfectly and to our full satisfaction ever since its installation in July 1995. Only a short time after that, we observed that we no longer needed acetic or ascorbic acid in order to clean the aerator and shower heads in our hotel. Link
Design Hotel Q! - Berlin - Germany
The Vulcan unit makes the daily cleaning of our hotel facilities easier and also allows us to save a lot on cleaning agents for it is no longer necessary to use as much of them as we used before. ... the chalk converted by this device no longer settles on fixtures and panes of glass as it usually did before, which enables us to maintain showers and fixtures free of lime-scale without any trouble. Link
Meridien Hotel N'Fis - Morocco
We use Vulcan for the prevention and the elimination of scale deposits upstream of our hydraulic installation. In view of the very satisfactory result of this product, we thus plan to entrust to this company future projects in the aim of protecting our installations from scale. Link
MeridianSpa - Germany
Vulcan S250 Installation in MeridianSpa in Berlin, Germany
Reference: MeridianSpa
IFCO Containers  - Illinois, USA
5 x Vulcan S100 units are installed on a large produce cleaning system at IFCO in Chicago. IFCO is an international pallet recycling company with plants in 26 countries. After 2 weeks we have had confirmation from the engineer confirming the Vulcan was doing everything you said it would do! After confirming the effectiveness of the Vulcan, we have installed S100 units on all 5 washing stations within the Chicago IFCO plant. Link
  Scale Rust IFCO Thumb
Norwegian Church  - Los Angeles, USA
We replaced a water softener system which used salt and special filtering system, expensive to maintenance and it covered just part of the water system.
The result now is amazing, the clogging of the shower nozzles is gone, and the kitchen faucet nozzles are spraying evenly and our commercial grade dishwasher is cleaner and works better. Link
  Vulcan 3000 in a Church in Los Angeles
Mondi Packaging - Czech Republic
The Vulcan device is installed on lime oven, which usually required extensive scale cleaning every 3 months. It has now been 4 months since installation of the Vulcan S100, and the scale problem have reduced significantly. Now the pipes and production equipment require much less cleaning. We are very satisfied with the performance of the Vulcan S100 Unit. Link
  Scale Rust Mondi Thumb
Hartwall Arena - Finland
We have been using CWT Vulcan water treatment equipment in our ice hockey hall since 2003. We are using many sizes of several heating/cooling equipment in our water system: Vulcan 5000, Vulcan S25 and Vulcan S100. We have realibility with these systems and have been most satisfied in using them. Vulcan is a high-quality and great solution. Link
Florida State University - Biomedical - Florida, USA
Please see photos of the Vulcan Descaler installed in the Florida State University Biomedical Facility. These pictures are of a stainless steel rack washer and conveyer steam washer, after the Vulcan units were installed on the entire Biomedical Research Building. Link
  Scale Rust FSU Thumb
Phillip Best Plumbing - Western Australia
I found the CWT water treatments to be very effective in high temperature heating systems such as commercial combustion ovens in restaurants and even in a very high temperature heating system at a local abattoir. There are also huge time savings associated with CWT water systems. Installation time is cut by at least 90% when compared to similar units. The units, which are made in Germany, are also at least 50% cheaper than other units currently on the market. Link
Exhibition Center Cologne - Germany
A few months ago we installed your Vulcan 1000 water treatment system in our catering services at the Cologne trade fair. After the installation of your water treatment system in our bistros I noticed a clear improvement of the situation. The limescale deposits are now much easier to remove thus easing the workload of the staff. Less detergents are needed and I am extremely satisfied with your device. Link
Gegenbauer Health Care Service - Hospital Germany
We are a facility management company responsible for the maintenance and repairs inside the St. Joseph Hospital in Berlin. Some months ago we have installed the Vulcan S250 in the hospital. We can identify a considerable benefit. For example, there are almost no scale deposits on the 2,500 shower heads to be seen any more. This saves manpower and costs of the exchange of sanitary equipment. Link
Pilbara Commercial Laundry - Western Australia
We installed the German made CWT Water Treatment System. Immediately we noticed a significant reduction in the build up of calcium. I believe we have quadrupled the life span of our evaporated air conditioner and we haven't had to replace our hot water system for more three years. Link
Hans Krempl Haustechnik - Germany
Patches of limescale which could previously only be removed by chemical detergents can now simply be wiped away. What is more, the use of the system has notably reduced the calcification in the electrical heating equipment. Link


References - Private Homeowners

These references show a selection of letters which we have received from our satisfied customers.    

Various Residential Installations - Florida, USA
These are some examples of Vulcan installations from various homeowners in Florida, USA. Link
  Scale Rust House Florida 2
Barbara and Jacques - California, USA
After purchasing the Vulcan, we immediately noticed a difference in the water consistency, which appeared softer on our skin. However, the most profound change was the lack of deposits on all the usual places:the dishes, all faucets and showerheads. What a relief! Finally we just enjoy our water system without having to replace pipes regularly or add vinegar and substances to counteract the mineral build-up. Link
  Scale Rust House Barbara Jacques
Outdoor Installation - Florida, USA
The Anti-Scale system replaces the resin tank that removes the scale. Our system is now “Maintenance Free” . Link
  Scale Rust House Barbara Jacques
Rob Branson - Western Australia
I noticed a huge difference after just 1 month. The CWT system is also well priced and simple to install. Because it carefully dissolves the scale, my irrigation system is virtually maintenance free and there's no need to change the filters. This saves me an enormous amount of time and energy. Link
Well Water Report - Indiana, USA
About three weeks after installation, in early January, I heard water running outside. I went to the back of my home and discovered the outside faucet there running at full stream. This faucet did not work at all and now it was running at or near full flow. All because of Vulcan. Just 2 months after installing the Vulcan, I went to take a shower and I noticed the faucet was completely free of calcium and operating like new. Link
  Scale Rust House Lugenbeal

Photo of a drinking glass
before and after installation
of the Vulcan Descaler.

Mrs. Fuchs - Brieselang
The mentioned changes occured immediately after the installation: the laundry is noticeably softer even without the use of fabric softener, our skin is no longer irritated after washing; there are certainly less limescale deposits on the tiling, the taps and shower partitions. Link
Lance Butcher -Western  Australia
Within three months of installing the CWT water treatment system the iron residual and sludge disappeared. I was staggered by the results. The pipe was completely clear and there were no signs of the iron scale at all.
A reliable and clean sprinkler system is very important for us to maintain a healthy garden. The CWT system has saved me an enormous amount of time and money and I’m no longer cleaning sprinkler heads or replacing the solenoids in the reticulation system. Link

Lance Butcher has more than
200 rose bushes, half an acre
of trees, cottage and horse
Family Kämke - Klosterfelde
After two weeks only we noticed a significant change regarding the scale deposits in the washing basins and in the shower and await further changes. We have been testing the Vulcan for four weeks. Link
Mrs. Hauser - Rheinhausen
The device showed effect one week after it was installed. We replaced the filters in the bath fixtures during the installation of the device and since this time they have remained free of scale, as has the shower head. Link
Mrs. Weigt - Potsdam
With curiosity I kept an eye on the water and I was amazed to see the positive difference. I have noticed that my hair feels softer after washing it without using any additional hair cosmetics. Also the shower screen and the bathroom fixtures were easier to clean with much less cleaning agents. Link
Family Wiechmann - Adelshofen
We have after two weeks already found many of the statements in your product description to be impressively true. The inspection of the aerator after four weeks shows no accumulation of scale, in the past it was necessary to clean it every 4-6 weeks. Link
Mr. Hanebuth - Isernhagen
My wife is very happy with how quick it is now to clean the bath fixtures - and we have five baths after all. I am convinced, too, that the washing machine, the water heater, as well as smaller electrical appliances benefit from the device and consequently use less electricity. Link
Mr. Hanau - Hemmingen
On the first evening after the installation I was pleasantly surprised as I drank a glass of tap water. It has since then tasted cleaner and milder. Link

The Vulcan system reduces scale build up, changes the nature of the scale that does remain as a powdery type of scale that is much more easily removed than typical flaky scale that etches onto tube bundles, pipe and tank surfaces, faucets, aereators , etc.. I strongly encourage facilities personnel with water treatment needs who are concerned about the environment, sustainability, costs and safety to give Vulcan a try.

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