Catronic - Physical Water Treatment
Against Scale and Rust

Descalcificador Catronic    
Catronic offers you a unique solution, customized to your needs.    
Catronic provides you with an eco-friendly water treatment system which protects your water pipes and equipment against scale and rust. The method is based on the Catronic Impulse-Technology and treats your water without applying any chemicals or salt.

Special electronic impulses change the crystallization process of the calcium contained in the water. This causes the hard scale components to lose their ability to stick to surfaces.
kalk_scale_green_point The eco-friendly solution against scale problems
kalk_scale_green_point No use of salt or chemicals  
kalk_scale_green_point Suitable for pipe diameters from 1/2" to 20" (~ 10-500 mm)
kalk_scale_green_point Works on every pipe material – iron, copper, stainless steel, galvanized iron, plastic, PVC, PE-x, compound pipes (any material mixture) etc.
kalk_scale_green_point International 5-year product warranty
kalk_scale_green_point TÜV Nord, CE and CULUS certified
The Scale Problem
The longer you wait to take action against scale
the more damages and costly repairs will arise.
The Scale Problem
kalk_scale_red_cross Loss of water pressure due to reduced pipe diameters
kalk_scale_red_cross A breeding ground for bacteria
kalk_scale_red_cross High cleaning costs and the need for aggressive cleaning agents
kalk_scale_red_cross High costs of repairs and maintenance of machines and equipment
kalk_scale_red_cross Decrease in overall industrial productivity
kalk_scale_red_cross Loss of energy due to prolonged heating times
  descalcificador tubo
Benefits of Catronic
Catronic saves you money, keeps your piping system clean and protects your machinery.    
kalk_scale_green_checkmark Careful reduction of scale deposits in the whole piping system
kalk_scale_green_checkmark Important minerals, like calcium and magnesium remain in the water
kalk_scale_green_checkmark Prolonged working life of machinery and equipment
kalk_scale_green_checkmark Catronic is effective in gently reducing existing deposits with all hardnesses of water
kalk_scale_green_checkmark Catronic has very low operating costs
kalk_scale_green_checkmark Catronic works free of maintenance
kalk_scale_green_checkmark With Catronic treated water, energy consumption is reduced
kalk_scale_green_checkmark Works without salt, chemicals or magnets
kalk_scale_green_checkmark Catronic saves time on cleaning machinery and equipment

Application Examples
Catronic is available for pipe sizes from 1/2“ up to 3”. It solves your scale problems in private, commercial or industrial applications.    
kalk_scale_green_checkmark Houses
kalk_scale_green_checkmark Appartments
kalk_scale_green_checkmark Cooling Towers
kalk_scale_green_checkmark Heat Exchangers
kalk_scale_green_checkmark Swimming pools
kalk_scale_green_checkmark Wellness Facilities
kalk_scale_green_checkmark Hotels
kalk_scale_green_checkmark Apartment Buildings
kalk_scale_green_checkmark Fitness Clubs
kalk_scale_green_checkmark Golf Courses
kalk_scale_green_checkmark Agriculture
kalk_scale_green_checkmark Irrigation
kalk_scale_green_checkmark Production Plants
kalk_scale_green_checkmark Food Industry



How it works

Catronic - How it works

Physical Water Treatment

Catronic works solely with low voltage electricity; no salt or chemicals need to be added. The electronic impulse treatment does not change the original water quality. It simply changes the crystallization behaviour of the calcium, which reduces the adhesive power of scale. Catronic is the eco-friendly and maintenance-free solution to your scale problems.

How it works

descalcificador catronic funcion

1 Installed at the primary water inlet of the building, the water flows via the main pipe directly into the treatment chamber of the main unit.
2 The water flows through the Catronic treatment chamber where it comes into direct contact with the impulse field. Here, the impulses inhibit all scale components in the water from forming into burr-like structures (a). They now form as harmless nano-crystals (b).
3 The swirl passage at the output of the treatment chamber is designed to create turbulence in the water within the main unit. This enhances the growth of the nanocrystals that have just been formed in the treatment chamber.
4 The Catronic-treated water leaves the main unit, equipped with nano-crystals which can no longer attach to surfaces or build up as scale. The existing scale deposits will gradually diminish as the water flows through the piping system.
  descalcificador catronic tecnologia



Models Max. pipe
Ø diameter
 (25 mm)
5 m3/h Ø 160 mm
H: 420 mm
3,9 W
 D15  11/2"
(38 mm)
8 m3/h Ø 160 mm
H: 820 mm
3,9 W
 D20  2"
(50 mm)
16 m3/h Ø 160 mm
H: 1070 mm
3,9 W
 D30  3"
(76 mm)
24 m3/h Ø 160 mm
H: 1520 mm
3,9 W


German Quality Certifications


The German TÜV/GS
The "German TÜV" is a independent institution that assesses products for safety and reliability. When a product passes the strict regulations it is awarded the TÜV/GS mark which indicates that the product was tested and certified for safety according to the "German Equipment Safety Law". The GS mark is a certification that includes periodic factory inspections covering the quality system for the product's production. This law requires inspectors to frequently assess whether the manufacturer is able to maintain all the specifications of the tested product in his production. During this factory inspection, the implementation of the quality system, the production environment, and production related testing and measurement equipment is evaluated.
CE Approval
The CE mark certifies that a product has met German and European Union consumer safety, health or environmental requirements. "CWT hereby declares that this product is operating in accordance with the following EU-guidelines: 73/23/EG; 89/336/EG which is certified by the CE-mark. The equipment corresponds to the requirements of the German Industrial Safety Act and the European low-voltage guidelines."
Certificate of Origin: Germany
The Certificate of Origin (CO) names and officially approves the country where the goods are actually produced. For Germany the certificate is issued by the German Chamber of Commerce (IHK). It approves the German origin (Made in Germany) after thorough investigation of the origin of each individual part of the product and after assessment of the production site in Germany.
UL Approval
The UL - Underwriters Laboratories Inc. - is an international quality and safety approval institution with headquarters in Illinois, USA. The UL-mark on a product states that UL has tested and evaluated the product and determined that the electronics fulfil the strict safety guidelines. All Vulcan switching power adaptors are meeting these requirements and comply with international standards.



General Advice
1 Protect the power supply unit against direct exposure to water and sunlight.
2 Use only the included power supply and adapter (when applicable).
3 The operating temperature of Catronic ranges from
–20° C to +50° C (14° F to 122° F).
4 Clean the device with water only.
5 Temperatures on heating surfaces should not exceed 95° C (~203° F).
6 It is recommended that installation be carried out by a qualified professional.
1 For optimal water treatment Catronic is installed into the piping system in the main water pipe.
2 Catronic must be installed upright (see top/ bottom).
3 Once installed, plug in the Catronic to start enjoying the
benefits of conditioned water.
Installation Examples

A - Standard Installation

B - Bypass Installation

C - Converted installation - for smaller pipe diameters


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Which pipe materials is Catronic suitable for?
The devices are suitable for all pipe materials: iron, copper, stainless steel, plastic and compound pipes. The effectiveness of the electronic impulse treatment is not affected by the material of the pipe.
Does the Catronic treatment have a softening effect on the water?
As the water treated by Catronic does not add or take anything away, essential minerals, such as calcium and magnesium remain. The water will, however, feel noticeably softer. You are sure to notice this effect when showering or washing your hair, although the treatment does not change the measured water hardness.
Do copper or synthetic pipes need a scale protection device at all?
Yes. Copper and plastic pipes are prone to calcifications as well. The smoother a surface, the longer it can resist the process of scale build-up. However, once the first layer of scale has built up, the incrustation process proceeds just as fast as on any other surface.
Up to which degree of water hardness can Catronic be applied?
Catronic operates within a high performance frequency range. It can thus be successfully applied even on water if a particularly high degree of hardness.
How can I check if the Catronic is operating efficiently?
After 1-2 days you will recognize a change in the water. One
of the most common sightings is that the scale you see in the kitchen or bath tub exists now as a fine powder that you can easily wipe away with a damp cloth. Improvements seen in production facilities are typically seen on the equipment itself.
How long does it take Catronic to clear the pipes?
Catronic dissolves scale and rust slowly and gently from your piping system by gradually removing scale layer by layer. The scale-reduction process takes about as long as it took the incrustations to develop.

Catronic le ofrece una solución única
adaptada a sus necesidades

Protezione anticalcare


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