The Vulcan

The eco-friendly anti-scale system


The salt-free alternative to water softeners
Vulcan is an eco-friendly water treatment system that protects your piping system and appliances against scale deposits and rust. The Vulcan-Impulse-Technology is based on the principle of physical water treatment. Special electronic impulses change the crystallization process of the liquid calcium. This way the hard scale loses its adhesive power. The technology works exclusively with capacitive electric impulses: no use of any salt or chemicals.

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kalk_scale_green_point The eco-friendly solution against scale problems
kalk_scale_green_point No use of salt or chemicals
kalk_scale_green_point Suitable for pipe diameters from 1/2" to 40" (~ 10-1000 mm)
kalk_scale_green_point Fully cast in acrylic for optimal quality endurance
kalk_scale_green_point Do-it-Yourself installation without cutting the pipes
kalk_scale_green_point Works on every pipe material – iron, copper, stainless steel, galvanized iron, plastic, PVC, PE-x, compound pipes (any material mixture) etc.
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12 reasons why Vulcan is so good
Vulcan clearly stands out with its quality and performance. Please compare Vulcan against other products by matching some quality indicators:    
German 24 Volt Impulse-Technology (capacitive): The water is treated with electric impulses that control scale in an eco-friendly “green” way. It is an electric system that is not magnetic-based.   Scale_Rust_
Vulcan works on a frequency range between 3-32 kHz with different frequency peaks (wobbling distribution). The secret to the right performance of physical water treatment lies in the composition of these impulses. CWT has developed and fine-tuned them for over 30 years.   Scale_Rust_Icon_3-32kHz
Vulcan uses customized isolated copper impulse bands. How the impulses are transferred into the water is crucial. The design of the bands increases the surface area that transports the impulses. This improves transmission by up to 40%.   Scale_Rust_
The original acrylic cast is unique to the Vulcan product line. It offers maximum protection against water, heat, dirt, coldness, humidity and keeps all parts secure and sealed in place.   Scale_Rust_
Vulcan comes with external UL and TÜV-approved electronic switching adaptors. They operate with a very low power consumption of 100-240V and equalize possible power instability.   Scale_Rust_
Vulcan is not magnetic-based. Therefore, it operates 100% independent of the velocity (water flow rate) in the pipe and constantly provides reliable impulses that guarantee the right output at all times.   Scale_Rust_
Material-matching programs for different materials: Vulcan treats any pipe material. No need to buy a different product for metal, PVC, plastic etc. any more.   Scale_Rust_
The automatic memory program keeps Vulcan running correctly. In case of the unlikely event of a power failure Vulcan automatically resets back to the last program once power is regained.   Scale_Rust_
Vulcan holds numerous certifications by renowned international institutions: the German TÜV, the German CE, the UL-approval for switching adaptors etc.   Scale_Rust_
Vulcan requires very little electrical power as it is very economical. The units operate with 1.75 to max. 3.25 Watt. The running costs are approx. $US 3-7 (~3-6 EUR) per year.   Scale_Rust_
Made-in-Germany: Vulcan is a German quality product that has been manufactured by the family-run Christiani Wassertechnik GmbH, Berlin since 1989.   Scale_Rust_
10-year international warranty is granted for all Vulcan units. Due to the special acrylic protection these units keep on running with a life expectancy of over 30 years.   Scale_Rust_
Scale_Rust_Download Vulcan Brochure - English
24 pages, 1.5 MB pdf
Scale_Rust_Download Vulcan Brochure
24 languages available
Vulcan treats all pipe materials
Iron, galvanized iron, copper, steel, stainless steel, plastic, PVC, PE-x, compound pipes (any material mixture), etc.
Additional Equipment
Plugs, cables, solar-power-unit, backup-battery for outdoor use, outdoor boxes, shades, waterproof power plugs, etc.
pdf_symbolVulcan Equipment

Acrylic Cast

The Vulcan full acrylic cast

The special Vulcan acrylic cast guarantees the best quality. Vulcan is especially designed for use in humid, wet, very cold or very hot areas.

kalk_scale_green_point The acrylic cast ensures that the circuit board is protected. The parts are fully covered in acrylic. Therefore the parts can not move and are fixed in place. This guarantees a high life expectancy.
kalk_scale_green_point It protects the unit from humidity e.g. when installed outdoor
kalk_scale_green_point The full body acrylic cast protects from dust and dirt
e.g. when installed in a basement
kalk_scale_green_point The full body acrylic cast protects against heat and protects against coldness as acrylic is a perfect isolating material. E.g. when installed in extremely hot areas with outdoor temperature up to 45-50°C (~113- 122 °F) or in very cold temperatures down to -20°C (~5°F).
kalk_scale_green_point The acrylic cast ensures a very long product life.
The Vulcan's solid acrylic isolating material ensures that the electricity does not "blow" as the electronic block is perfectly isolated from the inside as well.
The most common cause of a malfunction in electronic devices is that they "blow" when the electricity heats up too much. The thick acrylic covering together with the vacuum prevents heat production. This "cooling" of the unit ensures a long life.

Impulse Bands

The Vulcan Impulse Bands

Vulcan operates with customized isolated copper impulse bands that are designed to firmly connect to the pipe. They are extremely thin and flexible with minimized isolation. This way, they achieve minimal spacing loss and maximize the direct-contact-ratio to 97.5%. Their special copper material with a high alloy purity degree guarantees the best possible transfer output. The copper treatment bands are a crucial factor to the performance of the water treatment.

The pipe diameter/treatment area ratio
The impulse bands cover the surface area that is vital for the treatment. The surface of the pipe that is covered by the impulse band is the "treatment area". This area needs to be large enough to ensure that the impulses are transmitted through the pipe.


Treatment with standard cables vs. impulse band

        Other cables       Vulcan impulse bands

Scale_Rust_Impulse_Bands_Area_green_squareTreatment Area

Comparison: The Vulcan Impulse Bands accumulate more direct contact compared to round cables as there is less spacing. The direct contact ratio reaches 97.5%.

Models & Sizes

Vulcan Models and Sizes

pipe Ø
Max. water
Vulcan 3000
11/2" 3000 l/h 2 x 1m 1
Vulcan 5000
2" 8000 l/h 2 x 2m 1
Vulcan S10
3" 15 m3/h 2 x 3m 3
Vulcan S25
4" 30 m3/h 4 x 3m 5
Vulcan S50
5" 70 m3/h 4 x 4m 5
Vulcan S100
6" 120 m3/h 6 x 4m 10
Vulcan S150
8" 180 m3/h 6 x 8m 10
Vulcan S250
10" 350 m3/h 8 x 10m 10
Vulcan S350
14" 500 m3/h 8 x 20m 10
Vulcan S500
20" 800 m3/h 10 x 30m 10
Scale_Rust_Overview with all technical details  
Product Sizes
The Vulcan impulses treat the water as it flows by. It is important to submit the right impulse strength everywhere in the pipe so that all the water is treated correctly. The impulse should neither be too week nor to strong. In order to provide the exact right impulse strength for your pipe, Vulcan comes in several sizes according to the pipe diameter.

How to choose the right product size
Please check the pipe diameter in the area where you want to install Vulcan.

The maximum water capacity by hour is the amount that a pipe in a certain size can carry in one hour. Most of the times you will not use such high amounts of water. However, in certain peak times, this may be your hourly usage.
  Impulse penetration area

outside rim
B pipe center
C A to B:distance penetrated
   by impulses



German Quality Certifications

The German TÜV/GS
The "German TÜV" is a independent institution that assesses products for safety and reliability. When a product passes the strict regulations it is awarded the TÜV/GS mark which indicates that the product was tested and certified for safety according to the "German Equipment Safety Law". The GS mark is a certification that includes periodic factory inspections covering the quality system for the product's production. This law requires inspectors to frequently assess whether the manufacturer is able to maintain all the specifications of the tested product in his production. During this factory inspection, the implementation of the quality system, the production environment, and production related testing and measurement equipment is evaluated.
CE Approval
The CE mark certifies that a product has met German and European Union consumer safety, health or environmental requirements. "CWT hereby declares that this product is operating in accordance with the following EU-guidelines: 73/23/EG; 89/336/EG which is certified by the CE-mark. The equipment corresponds to the requirements of the German Industrial Safety Act and the European low-voltage guidelines."
Certificate of Origin: Germany
The Certificate of Origin (CO) names and officially approves the country where the goods are actually produced. For Germany the certificate is issued by the German Chamber of Commerce (IHK). It approves the German origin (Made in Germany) after thorough investigation of the origin of each individual part of the product and after assessment of the production site in Germany.
UL Approval
The UL - Underwriters Laboratories Inc. - is an international quality and safety approval institution with headquarters in Illinois, USA. The UL-mark on a product states that UL has tested and evaluated the product and determined that the electronics fulfil the strict safety guidelines. All Vulcan switching power adaptors are meeting these requirements and comply with international standards.


Vulcan Installation

Vulcan is especially designed so that the installation does not need to be done by a specialized plumber. You can easily install Vulcan in approx. 10-15 minutes. The installation does not require any tools and there is no need to cut the pipe.   Do_It_Yourself
Notes on the installation
1 For optimal water treatment Vulcan is best installed near the water meter or at the main water supply.
2 The impulse band windings can be placed on the left side, on the right side or underneath the electronic device. Leave a safe distance of at least 1 cm (min. ~1/2”) from each other.
3 Vulcan can be installed vertically, horizontally or at any other angle. If there is no space available on the pipe the device can also be wall-mounted.
4 In case of limited space the windings can be placed partly on the main pipe and partly on the distributor pipe.

All these different installations are possible because the treatment impulses extend over several meters to either side of the pipes.
Installation instructions for the Private Line
1 Put the two band holders through the fixing holes at the bottom of the electronic device. Now place the device onto the pipe. Use the band holders to latch the device to the pipe.
2 Connect one of the impulse bands to the device and use another band holder to latch it to the pipe.
3 Wind the impulse bands around the pipe producing a coil. Make sure you wind the band tightly to the pipe and place the windings close to each other.
4 Latch the end of the band to the pipe using another band holder. Now repeat the procedure with the second impulse band.
5 Connect the power supply unit with an electrical outlet and plug the connector into the upper right in-jack of the device.
6 The red pilot lights will illuminate as soon as the device starts to operate. Vulcan works from now on maintenance free.
Installation instructions for Commercial and
Industrial Line
1 Put the two band holders through the fixing holes at the bottom of the electronic device. Now place the device onto the pipe. Use the band holders to latch the device to the pipe.
2 Plug one of the impulse bands into the bottom impulse band in-jack and latch it to the pipe using another band holder.
3 Wind the impulse bands around the pipe producing a coil. Make sure you wind the band tightly to the pipe and place the windings close to each other.
4 Latch the end of the band to the pipe using another band holder. Now plug another impulse band into the in-jack on the opposite side and repeat the procedure.
5 Plug another impulse band into the next impulse band in-jack and, according to the device type, repeat steps 2 - 4 until all impulse bands are in use. All impulse bands must be wound tightly around the pipe and fastened with band holders.
6 Connect the power supply unit with an electrical outlet and plug the connector into the upper right in-jack of the device.
7 Now adjust your Vulcan on the side sensors according to your pipe diameter to optimally treat your water.
General information
1 Protect the power supply unit against exposure to direct water.
2 Use the included switching power supply unit only.
3 Do not cut the impulse bands nor the 24 V power cord of the power supply unit.
4 Do not remove the end caps or the impulse band insulation.
5 The operating temperature of Vulcan ranges from –20° C to +50°C (-4°F to 122°F).
6 Clean the device with water only.
7 Temperature peaks on heating surfaces should not exceed 95°C (203°F).
pdf_symbolInstallation Manual    


Scale and Rust Problems


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